A curated collection of film and video produced by individuals and groups that provide insight into staying clean and sober and helping others do the same.

Drinking And How It Changed My Life

Ann Dowsett-Johnston / TEDxHomebushRdWomen.

Self-aware and driven to educate others, Ann is the author of Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol. She lives in Toronto, and travels the world spreading her message about the multi-layered relationship women can have with their glass of wine (or Scotch or any other drink of choice). Ann is winner of five gold National Magazine Awards, and spent most of her professional career working at Maclean's magazine. She also earned Southam Fellowship in Journalism and served as vice-principal of McGill. Ann is, however, best recognized for her expertise in higher education and alcohol policy. She earned the Atkinson Fellowship in Public Policy and co-founded the National Roundtable in Girls, Women and Alcohol. A committed mother to a now-grown son and dedicated advocate, Ann is not only spreading her message through her writing - but working tirelessly for alcohol policy change in Canada.


by Gareth Bowler

My friend Kenny faced his problems head on and went sober and in doing so discovered his way forward in life.

On Life’s Terms: Mothers in Recovery

by Sheila Ganz

On Life's Terms: Mothers In Recovery elevates the voices of five mothers battling substance use addiction in a gender-specific residential treatment program in Northern California.  Their intimate story reveals experiences with domestic violence, prostitution and incarceration.  In the desire for custody of their children they transform their lives over three years through self-sufficiency and newfound pride – challenging the stigma and drug laws impacting women and children – and will inspire hope for recovery.

We are currently fundraising to launch On Life’s Terms: Mothers in Recovery nationwide – to end the stigma.  Help us make a difference in the lives of people in recovery.  Here is the link to make a tax-deductible donation in any amount now Donate.  Email if you would like us to bring the film to your city.  Thank you!

Transcending Addiction and Redefining Recovery

Jacki Hillios of Phoenix Multisport / TEDxBoulder.

Why are some able to transcend their addiction while others are not? What do people really need to escape the shame of their addiction and achieve sustained recovery? Jacki's talk focuses on answering these questions and demonstrates how resilience of the human spirit intersects with social contextual factors to set the stage for those struggling with addiction to choose a pathway to health.

Sobering Stories

Sobering Stories are personal tales of addiction and recovery.

Overcoming addiction, for many of those afflicted, is the hardest thing they will ever accomplish.  Those who enter recovery often do so as a last resort, having tried on their own to slow down, cut back or compartmentalize their addiction. But to no avail.  Every addict has a story and there are common themes of loss of friends, family, possessions and dignity.   Despite the absolute power of alcohol and drugs there are incredible success stories written everyday by these normal people who overcome all odds and every day live a new alcohol- and drug-free life.  Sobering Stories celebrates these heroic men and women.

The Anonymous People

The Anonymous People is a feature documentary film about the 23.5 million Americans living in long-term recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

Deeply entrenched social stigma and discrimination have kept recovery voices silent and faces hidden for decades. The vacuum created by this silence has been filled by sensational mass media depictions of people in active addiction that continue to perpetuate a lurid public fascination with the dysfunctional side of what is a preventable and treatable health condition. Just like women with breast cancer, or people with HIV/AIDS, courageous addiction recovery advocates are starting to come out of the shadows to tell their true stories. The moving story of The Anonymous People is told through the faces and voices of the leaders, volunteers, corporate executives, and celebrities who are laying it all on the line to save the lives of others just like them. This passionate new public recovery movement is fueling a changing conversation that aims to transform public opinion, and finally shift problematic policy toward lasting recovery solutions.